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The following is a list of some of the headlines that have been or will be posted to our Information ‘BLOG’:

In Remembrance of Father’s Day
Fathers Rights: For Rights of Fathers, For Rights For Fathers
PARENTAL ALIENATION: Can we count the alienating forces?
PARENTAL ALIENATION: When does it become a hate crime?
How has history contributed to the contemporary discrimination of fathers?
How does an alienated father feel?
How does an alienated child behave?
Who is alienated? Child or father? Both?
What is the importance of a father? To make money?
Why are permissive mothers (and permissive social systems) the cause of the worst form of parental alienation? Why should it not be considered child abuse?
What kind of children are we creating for the future?
How has history contributed to the mind-set of women to believe that they are the best parents?
Adam and Eve: God created men and women, mothers and fathers, to equally raise children. Why did he do that and why have we forgotten that?
Men and women are different: Why is it important to the development of a child?
Child development: Why is it important that a child experiences the love from both parents, a mother and a father, equally and experiences the love between those parents?
The battle between freedom and discipline: How does a child feel loved?
Freedom: What are we teaching out children?
Discipline: Why do so many equate it to “abuse”?
Abuse: Who points fingers and why?
“Abuse”: Why fathers are victims.
Social Systems: How they are responsible for the destruction of the family at the expense of fathers.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder: The hateful cause of family destruction and discrimination.
Borderline Personality Disorder: What on earth is that and what are we doing about it?
Custody and Access: Who dreamed that up?
What is the Cinderella effect?
Parental Alienation: Defined