Fathers Rights: For the Rights of Fathers, For Rights For Fathers

The topic of discussion needs to be whether we focus on the rights of fathers or the discrimination that fathers experience. There is a lot of talk about the rights of children and about the best interests of children. So, it is safe to say that we live in a child-centered world and fathers really don’t have any rights. With that said, should we talk about the discrimination of fathers, dad discrimination?

Whether it is about Fathers’ Rights or about Discrimination the
answer may seem difficult to answer, may seem ambiguous or seem
unimportant. Most of the online, search engine, research that occurs
when a father feels discriminated against is using the keywords ‘Fathers
Rights’. Wikipedia comes to the table with its answer to the question
about a father’s rights stating that it is a ‘movement’. So, now we have
the words ‘fathers’, ‘rights’, and ‘movement’. Where is this ‘father’s
rights movement’? Is it visible to the media, government politicians,
abusive women, mothers, women’s rights activists, police officers,
judges, lawyers, and individuals that narcissistically don’t see or care
about fathers and their children and the importance of fathers in our
society and a father’s importance to his children? It is not visible.
The Father’s Rights Movement is not in the news. It is not visible and
therefore may appear to be dormant or insignificant. However, in the
hearts of hundreds of thousands of dads who have been alienated,
victimized, and treated as secondary or even tertiary parents, there is a
passion for justice. To address the issue of fathers’ rights we must
treat it for what it is, discrimination. For Rights For Fathers we must
fight Against Discrimination Against Fathers.

How do we fight against the discrimination of fathers? What would you do?

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