Arizona Fathers Rights

Arizona Fathers’ Rights wonderfully states the truth about courts and law makers: ‘Herding families in crisis through an adversarial family court system is madness’. Just as in other states in the United States and other countries fathers rights are waived by discriminating judges, courts, and complacent lawyers. Arizona Fathers’ Rights goes on to say ‘You Have Rights, But You Must Demand Them. … Failure to demand your rights waives them!

One man in Arizona is doing just that. As a man forced to merely ‘see’ his children every other weekend, this Arizona father has been fighting back and has achieved considerable success in changing Arizona legal policy to one that “maximizes” time spent with both parents.

I could really care less about dads’ rights or moms’ rights,” said Espinoza, 41. “But when you look at the research and the effect it has on children, how could anyone not take note of that? It’s time for equal time and equal custody.

Arizona dad fights for rights of divorced fathers

We will watch the courts in the state of Arizona to see whether Arizona courts do ‘maximize’ the time that fathers are permitted to spend with there children.


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