Double Standard: Mothers’ Day versus Fathers’ Day

Some years ago the importance of Mother’s Day was drawn to one of our victim’s attention. After receiving divorce papers this father was subjected to ‘supervised access’ and had to find someone willing to watch him while he had ‘access’ to his children for 1 ½ hours per week (provided that the ‘supervisor’ didn’t have anything more important to do on the particular day that had been arranged by the court through the ex-wife and her crafty lawyer). On Mother’s Day that year he was humiliated by his ex-wife and numerous of her friends to feel ashamed for even thinking that he should interrupt someone’s mother’s day plan to ‘see’ his children. “It’s Mothers’ Day! People have plans! Don’t you understand! People have more important things to do!”

Some years later after countless supervised sessions and court appearances and enormous emotional abuse he proved his competence with the children and acquired considerable time with them. Picking them up from school one afternoon he found out the importance of Fathers’ Day. That weekend he was anticipating a nice weekend; his birthday was that weekend and father’s day was on the Sunday. To his surprise his oldest daughter of ten years informed him that she had a birthday party to attend for one of her classmates on the Sunday afternoon (Fathers’ Day).

Interesting how fathers are so insignificant, not only on Mothers’ Day, but on Fathers’ Day too.

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