In Remembrance of Father’s Day

Once upon a time, as the story goes, there was a land that set aside a day exclusively in the year to honour and remember the importance of fathers in that society. It was a day that families spent traveling, if need be, to visit a father that was loved and respected. It was a day that children of all ages would go to, give to, and look forward to sharing time with their fathers. That was then, this is now.

Today, millions of men around the globe will not be able to see their children. Why? You ask.

The answer is that millions of men are victims of Discrimination Against Fathers. What is that? You ask.

The answer is that millions of men have been cut off and alienated from their families by narcissistic women and governments that destroy family and the relationships between children and their fathers. How? You ask.

The answer is that women and governments conspire and Discriminate Against Fathers through narcissistic acts perpetrating family conflict, power plays, alleged child abuse, custody action, and divorce.

The result: destroy the father, destroy the family!

The question: What are you doing about it this coming Father’s Day?

As victims, we strongly urge you to do your part to help restore the status of fathers in our society and the condition of the family unit.

We offer you a chance to view a YouTube video that sets the emotion of remembrance this father’s day.




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