Fathers’ Day cards for mum

Now, the Greeting Card Industry with its greed and commercialism has came out with Fathers’ Day cards for single mothers that denigrate fathers with phrases that discriminate against fathers. Maybe we could call it the Greedy Card Industry.

Who needs a dad? If this was gender reversed women’s groups would be all over this shouting ‘discrimination’. Here, Stevie Rowing-Parker, a copywriter at Valenstein & Fatt (aka Grey London), who lost his father at an early age apparently commemorates his mother, who had to raise him and his brother, instead of commemorating his deceased father.

Boycott the source: www.happyfathersdaymum.com



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To call someone useless may be more of a reflection of one’s self. And “Bastard”?

Boycott the source: www.elephano.com


Useless twat - Happy Fathers Day Mum card

And another…

Boycott the source: www.filthysentiments.co.uk


If there are other cards or websites that discriminate against fathers in any way please send us the link and your comments.

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