A Father in the Family on Father’s Day

Imagine, a father in the family on Father’s Day. In today’s modern family you may have celebrated the day or not. Today many children grow up with the absence of a father in their family or their household. The US Census indicates that over 85 per cent of all custodial single parents are mothers. Twenty-seven (27) percent of all children in the United States grow up without their father in the home.

One of the main reasons for fatherless homes is two-fold. Firstly, spite, by divorcing wives, is often responsible for High Conflict Divorces with allegations of unfounded validity. Secondly, discriminatory family courts see fathers as secondary parents and grant custody to women regardless of parental incompetence or deceitfulness. Most divorce courts in the world today see fathers as breadwinners and force men into slavery against their will while mothers are free to choose if, when, and how much they wish to work while enjoying the liberty and pleasure of raising the children of their former husband or husbands.

Many of the world’s problems are consequences of fatherlessness in the home. To learn more about the consequences of fatherless homes visit the statistics page on this site or the blog post entitled Fathers are Important.

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