The truth about the best interests of children

The slogan, “the best interest of children”, is a ploy that has been used by the divorce industry for decades. Basically, we could consider it a marketing scheme to build an industry for lawyers, judges, and those that support them.

Let’s consider the diverse hodgepodge, the irony, and the chaos that is created by the family court system, and then ask the question ‘is it really about the best interest of the children?’ Is there a chance that it is the best interest of someone else? The reality is that one person is making a decision. This person is called a judge, and they too are infallible.

Now, it is a well known fact that the best interest of children is a cooperative family equally living together under one roof. According to a strong research base ( fathers play a significant and complementary role in the development of children. Other studies have established that the best predictor of how well a child can overcome the challenges of separation and divorce is a strong relationship with both parents, not just one. If a judge has to choose between parents, he or she should choose the one who is more likely to foster the other parent’s continuing relationship with the child. Thus, we will see cooperation for everyone, and the best interest of the children will be manifested. Unfortunately, courts usually favour the parent that denies the other parent a fair and meaningful relationship with the children.


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