The truth about the best interests of children

The slogan, “the best interest of children”, is a ploy that has been used by the divorce industry for decades. Basically, we could consider it a marketing scheme to build an industry for lawyers, judges, and those that support them.

Let’s consider the diverse hodgepodge, the irony, and the chaos that is created by the family court system, and then ask the question ‘is it really about the best interest of the children?’ Is there a chance that it is the best interest of someone else? The reality is that one person is making a decision. This person is called a judge, and they too are infallible.

Now, it is a well known fact that the best interest of children is a cooperative family equally living together under one roof. According to a strong research base ( fathers play a significant and complementary role in the development of children. Other studies have established that the best predictor of how well a child can overcome the challenges of separation and divorce is a strong relationship with both parents, not just one. If a judge has to choose between parents, he or she should choose the one who is more likely to foster the other parent’s continuing relationship with the child. Thus, we will see cooperation for everyone, and the best interest of the children will be manifested. Unfortunately, courts usually favour the parent that denies the other parent a fair and meaningful relationship with the children.


Fathers: the new slaves

Fathers are victims of discrimination. Fathers can become slaves to a system that dictates them into a life that they do not want; a life of slavery where they are forced away from their children toward a life of endless labor and drudgery.
Often false allegations by a vindictive wife under a corrupt government and court system force a loving man into slavery often resulting in poverty and complete alienation from his children. All odds are against you if you are targeted by such a person. Getting psychological help for that person is almost impossible; unless that person does something really bad, criminal, or endangers the children you remain the target of suspicion and scrutiny for years providing lawyers and court workers with enormous amounts of money. It is their livelihood and they need money to live and will use your case for their best interest, to make a living. Their best interest, yes, and they will throw around the cliche “in the best interest of the children” making you feel like a heal of a shoe. Yes, you will feel like a heal; you will be trampled on by everyone that has the power to otherwise help, but they don’t. They only cause you pain and torture as they build their empire and destroy your relationship with your family and most importantly your children.

Children must perceive mothers and fathers as equal parents, not Primary and Secondary parents

Children must perceive mothers and fathers as equal parents, who contribute equally to raising them, supporting them, and loving them. When a child sees mother buying things for them all the time they don’t understand that dad is out working to earn that money, so they perceive their mother to be the one who buys their needs and their toys, and perceive her as the loving, supportive parent who becomes perceived to be the primary parent while father is secondary and only ‘visits’ once in a while. Fathers, who are victims of discrimination and parental alienation, know how cruel the system is when their child tells them that they don’t buy things for them like their mother does. Let’s stop discrimination of fathers. Learn more at .

Studies Find Shared Parenting Arrangements the Best Interest for Children

By Linda Nielsen, Wake Forest University, NC, USA

Linda Nielsen writes an article on 40 studies and concludes that children in shared parenting arrangements had better outcomes on measures of emotional, behavioral, and psychological wellness, as well as better physical health and better relationships with their fathers and their mothers. Benefits for the children were evident even when there were high levels of conflict between parents.

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A Father in the Family on Father’s Day

Imagine, a father in the family on Father’s Day. In today’s modern family you may have celebrated the day or not. Today many children grow up with the absence of a father in their family or their household. The US Census indicates that over 85 per cent of all custodial single parents are mothers. Twenty-seven (27) percent of all children in the United States grow up without their father in the home.

One of the main reasons for fatherless homes is two-fold. Firstly, spite, by divorcing wives, is often responsible for High Conflict Divorces with allegations of unfounded validity. Secondly, discriminatory family courts see fathers as secondary parents and grant custody to women regardless of parental incompetence or deceitfulness. Most divorce courts in the world today see fathers as breadwinners and force men into slavery against their will while mothers are free to choose if, when, and how much they wish to work while enjoying the liberty and pleasure of raising the children of their former husband or husbands.

Many of the world’s problems are consequences of fatherlessness in the home. To learn more about the consequences of fatherless homes visit the statistics page on this site or the blog post entitled Fathers are Important.

Fathers’ Day cards for mum

Now, the Greeting Card Industry with its greed and commercialism has came out with Fathers’ Day cards for single mothers that denigrate fathers with phrases that discriminate against fathers. Maybe we could call it the Greedy Card Industry.

Who needs a dad? If this was gender reversed women’s groups would be all over this shouting ‘discrimination’. Here, Stevie Rowing-Parker, a copywriter at Valenstein & Fatt (aka Grey London), who lost his father at an early age apparently commemorates his mother, who had to raise him and his brother, instead of commemorating his deceased father.

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To call someone useless may be more of a reflection of one’s self. And “Bastard”?

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Useless twat - Happy Fathers Day Mum card

And another…

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If there are other cards or websites that discriminate against fathers in any way please send us the link and your comments.

Fathers are Important


Is any child really fatherless?

No child should be fatherless. No child should be raised by a single mother. Statistics show that fatherless girls are nearly four-times more likely to get pregnant as teenagers. Seventy-one percent (71%) of teenage pregnancies are of girls from fatherless homes. Now, look at these statistics on the importance of fathers in the home.

71% of all high school drop outs come from fatherless homes

71% of teenage pregnancies are of girls from fatherless homes

85% of children with behavior disorders are from fatherless homes

90% of all homeless and run-away children are from fatherless homes

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes

85% of all youth in prison are from fatherless homes

71% of all adolescent substance abusers come from a fatherless home

children from fatherless homes are 10 times more likely to become substance abusers

80% of all adolescents in psychiatric hospitals come from fatherless homes

children from fatherless homes are twice as likely to commit suicide

children from fatherless homes are 9 times more likely to drop out of school

children from fatherless homes score lower in reading and math

60% of rapist were raised in fatherless homes

70% of all adolescents in juvenile correctional facilities come from fatherless homes

children from fatherless homes are 11 times more likely to have violent behavior

children from fatherless homes are 20 times more likely to be incarcerated into jail

adolescents are 9 times more likely to be raped or sexually exploited in a home without a biological father

When does a man have the right to abort his child?

When a woman wants to abdicate her role as a mother we say that she has the right to abortion.
When a man wants to abdicate his role as a father we say that he is a deadbeat dad.
Such name-calling is not acceptable.
If a woman wants to relinquish her role as a parent, our contemporary society says that she has the right. What rights do men have?
If a woman makes the decision to keep a child, the man must pay; otherwise, he is a deadbeat dad.

This is discrimination against men.